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Where I’ve come from, Why Im here, and Where I’m going. February 19.

It’s so good to be a Christian. Just look at the Title of today’s blog. Where I’ve come from, Why I’m here and Where I’m going. We know the answers to all three of these big questions. Many in our world today do not know these answers. This is some of the main reasons for all the trouble in our youth and society. They have been told so many lies about these three questions by Society and the devil. Wouldn’t it make you so fearful and unhappy to not know the answer to these questions. Now on the other hand, to know these answers brings peace, joy and a purpose In life. We know where we’ve come from: The Almighty God of Heaven and Earth has Put Us Here. All of us have messed up and sinned and were far from God but He sent his Son who died for us and brought us out of sin and the enemies clutches, back into a relationship with God. That’s where we’ve come from. As to the Why I’m here: Its to spend my life worshiping, serving God and caring for those around me. AS for the last question, where are we going? Well were going to a place that Jesus has prepared for us {HEAVEN}. Praise God, we know the answer. We can take courage because we know we have come from God, we are here to serve God and then were going to God. let others know too. May God bless your day.

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