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When a plan comes together.

Joseph makes the right decision, forgives his brothers and this opens the door for Gods entire plan to come about. Remember most of Joseph’s clan is still in Canaan , the land of Israel. There is still a famine. So Joseph thru a few steps, brings them all to Egypt to be nourished during the famine. Jacob the Father of Joseph and his 11 brothers “the twelve tribes of Israel” loads up the whole family and comes to see Joseph his son who he thought was dead. Jacob earlier while this trial of his life was going on said something I often think about and I think would be good for us all to put in our hearts. Listen to what he said . Genesis 42:36 and Jacob their father said unto them, me ye have bereaved of my children: Joseph is not, and Simeon is not, and you will take Benjamin away: All these things be against me. So in the midst of these trials Jacob felt All was against him. When in reality God was working all these things to save his family and build the nation of Israel. We sometimes feel this way in our test and trials. Just as Jacob would see that this was all working for his good. You and I as believers in Christ. Will also one day see the goodness of Gods plan fulfilled for us. Keep the faith. Jacob comes into Egypt, is reunited with Joseph. Just listen to what he says now, as he looks upon Joseph and his children. Genesis 48:11 and Israel said unto Joseph. I had not thought to see thy face : and lo God hath shewed me also thy seed. Reminds us of that verse : God is able to do abundantly above all that we can ask or think. May this story in the scripture bring encouragement and endurance in God. Until the day we see his fulfillment of all things concerning us. God bless.

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