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What Goes Up Must Come Down

“For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.”

Romans 8:2

Within the atmosphere of our earth there is a law of gravity. In our language, What goes up must come down. Go outside and throw a bucket of water straight up... you better move or you’re going to get wet! It’s a law that surrounds the earth.

Law defined is.. a thing having a binding force. Now in Gods Word we often hear of the law of God and the law of Moses, but there are also many other laws in scripture. Such as in Romans 8:2, there is a law

( a binding principle) that in Christ is life, real life. In our world there is a law of sin and death, brought so real to us in the hour in which we live.

Our world is corrupted by sickness, sin, death, and trials of many sort, it’s a law. But, oh, there is a greater law.. the law of life in Christ Jesus! Through faith we can trust , believe and hope in Him, not in this world! If we lift our prayer to God , a prayer of repentance, forgiveness or help, it doesn’t matter what’s happening here , there’s a law in Heaven that transcends all earthly law, which is God through His Son sends forgiveness, life and help! It is the law of life in Christ Jesus! Today send up your prayers.. something MUST come down from Heaven! It may be delayed, God may even modify it to match what you really need, but something is coming down!

Praise be to our God in Heaven!

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