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We cry ABBA Father

“For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again unto fear: but ye have received the spirit of adoption.”

Romans 8:15

Notice it says we have not received the spirit of bondage again. Before we come to know Christ and the Holy Spirit comes to live within us, we may have been in much fear, worry, anxieties of all sorts. Yet when Christ comes in these things are changed and broken!

Do you still remember the day your burdens were rolled away? “I do!”

Someone has said a Christian has two natures.. our new life with Christ and an old nature we receive from Adam that still hangs around us. Let‘s look at it as two capacities; every one of us has a capacity within us to still worry, fret, even sin or be anxious. Especially in times of pressure or trouble. Yet we also have a capacity within us to trust God, believing He is always doing what is best in us through our faith in the Lord Jesus. One of the greatest verses in the Bible is the one we started this blog with today! How can we trust in such times of trouble? It is that I am no longer a child of Adam and his nature , we’ve been adopted into the family of God! What a miracle! Now I don’t look to this world for my joy or peace, these may come or go, happiness depends on happy but joy depends on Jesus! In times of trouble I simply cry out “My strong Father, which art in heaven, help me!” And which of us or who of us would not come running when one of our children needs our help? Praise God today!

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