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Waiting on God. September 19

... they waited not for his counsel. Psalm 106:13

In all of our decisions, especially our big decisions, we should learn to wait on God for his direction. Our flesh likes to jump out in front of God and do what feels good to us. Often thinking this is too good to miss out on, what could possibly go wrong? In case you haven’t figured it out yet, plenty can go wrong. This is why God says seek me, wait on me, search the scriptures. If we will give God the time He will give the direction. In one way or another he will let you know what to do. How many believe he knows what’s coming ahead for us. Sure he does. This is one way the Holy Spirit helps us, by letting us sense what is coming. This often comes with quiet times with God. So in our decisions let’s pray and ask God, as Jesus says in the Lords pray ( lead us not unto any evil ). There is a famous prayer in the Old Testament, offered by a man named Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:10). In that prayer he ask the Lord to keep him from evil that it may not grieve him. The Lord answered his request. I believe today one way the Lord does this is by us waiting on God, before we make our decisions.

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