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Thou are very Great. September 23

Bless the Lord, o my soul. Thou art very great; thou art clothed with honour and majesty.

Psalm 104:1

Lots of things seem to be great and fascinating, until you get closer or better acquainted. Then you realize that’s not so great after all. Oh but God is not this way. The more we know and discover of him we will find He is very great. In that show, the wizard of oz, they were all fascinated by the wizard and what seemed to be his great power but in the end it was only a man and his attempt to impress. Once they got near him they saw his weakness. This is not so with God. The closer we draw to him, the greater we will find him to be. This psalm speaks of God as very great. He covers himself with light and has stretched out the heavens as a curtain. He walks on the wings of the wind and satisfies all the beasts of the earth. He provides for mankind all the things that make him glad. He opens his hand and all creation is blessed. He hides his face and we are all in dismay. Then he sends forth his spirit and we are revived. God is very great. One day the curtain will be pulled back and we shall see him. And when we do we will not be disappointed. It will be as the old song says “the half has not been told”. We will be absolutely amazed at him. Just think we will be getting to know and experience him for all eternity. Today let’s praise him for he is very great. Let’s not wait until we see him, all will do it then. Let’s by faith praise him now. Scripture says he inhabits the praises of his people. In other words praise draws him near to us. And it may be he will show you even this day that He is very Great.

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