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Truth is Timeless. February 1.

When the biblical writers copied down their messages in the Bible they didn’t even attempt to gloss over the realities of life. The sins of the great and small are recorded in holy scripture. The weakness of human nature is acknowledged and life in biblical times is recorded as it was lived. The startling thing is their lives were so like ours. As we read the scriptures we see many of the same problems and answers to their problems as we experience in our modern world. Reason being Truth is Timeless. Gods Word tells the truth about man it doesn’t matter if it’s thousands of years ago or in distant lands, mankind and our dilemmas remain the same. I am reading a book by Billy Graham published in 1955 and what he describes as the dreadful situation of America, could go into a news article today and fit our times almost to a tee. However the answers to our dilemmas are also timeless. The same as Billy Graham preached and wrote about. The same as Moses,Samuel, prophets, Peter, James, John and Paul preached and wrote. Turn from sin, turn to the Lord with our faith, trust, obedience, devotion and He will turn to us and help us. Over and over we see it in scripture. People in desperate circumstances, look to God and Jesus Christ afresh and with new vigor, and He helps them, even if it takes a miracle. Our problems are Timeless but so is Our God. Let’s look to Him this month and be saved.

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