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Trust in the Lord. April 30

They that trust in The Lord shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever. Psalm 125:1

Note how in this verse he commands no work to be done, but only speaks of trust. In some religions during times of trouble men were taught to enter into some religious act or fast or go on a pilgrimage or to do some other kind of work. Which they devised as a high service of God, and thereby make some kind of satisfaction to God. But here in this psalm the psalmist leads us in the plain way unto God. Pronouncing this to be the chiefest anchor of our salvation, only to hope and trust in the Lord; and declaring that the greatest service we can do unto God is to trust him. Excerpted from Mathew Henry commentary.

We need not forget Christian, that to trust God, is always pleasing and satisfying to our Father. As a matter of fact in some situations we would do wrong to try to work it out. Some situations call for trust not effort. Oh God help us today to simply and completely, without striving, to trust you for the answer and the outcome.

May God Bless you today.

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