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Things to Come - Part 3 March 27, 2020

”...and He will show you things to come.”

John 16:13

So Jesus went away to the Father, where He is today, but do not despair! He has sent the Holy Spirit to the world today, particularly to dwell in His followers! The Holy Spirit is a comforter, a guide unto truth and that which is right, a reprover over wrong, and today, He will show you things to come! Isn”t that interesting?!

God, before He does almost anything, speaks about it first. Ask Noah, Abraham, Mary, Joseph, John the Revelator and a host of others! This is not only for biblical characters, but also for you and I today. Many times in my life there had just been given a “heads up”, a step ahead, that “this is what will be”. I’m sure that has been true for you too.

This “step ahead“ helps us be prepared and begin to pray. It gives us confidence to live and labor in this world. Others may be anxious and troubled but we, having an unction from the Holy Spirit, have no need for anxiety or worry! Our God is out front of it all leading the way! We are not usually given dates, or a specific time, but rather an inward knowledge that “this is what will be.“ Today, we should be prepared for the Lords return. We shouldn’t ask a date or time, but rather simply seek to be near our Father and His Son and seek to help others be near Him too. For one thing is certain, our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed! May we be ready and watching for our Lords return!

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