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The Work which they fulfilled. September 30

And thence sailed to Antioch, from whence they had been recommended to the grace of God for the work which they fulfilled. Acts 14:26

Imagine The feeling Paul and Barnabas had when they came back to Antioch from their first missionary journey. Knowing we have fulfilled the work God gave us to do. All the danger and persecution they had endured was worth it all, just to know, Lord God Almighty we have done what you sent us to do. Strange isn’t it how you can be in a peaceful and even prosperous place but if it’s not Gods place for you, how vulnerable and uneasy you feel. On the other hand you can be in a dangerous, unstable place or time but when you know it is Gods purpose for you, what confidence, safety, fulfillment and even joy you feel on the inside. There’s no place or nothing that can take the place of knowing that we are faithfully fulfilling the work (Yes it is work) He has given us to do. Brothers and sisters let’s labor for a time in the name of the Lord. We too will one day sail safe into the harbor of God. And how great it will be for us to know. I have fulfilled the work God gave me to do.

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