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The Spirit Speaketh Part 2 March 26,2020

“I will not leave you comfort less, I will come to you.”

John 14:18

So Jesus tells the disciples, “I’m leaving but I will not leave you comfortless, I will be with you.” This would be through the presence of the Holy Spirit , Who would now be with them always, to be a comfort, an advocate of public support. Then He says, “The Holy Spirit will guide you in truth”, Thank God today we have a guide in the Holy Spirit! This means I will know the way to go, the decisions to make, the words to say, and the things to do as I pray, read the Holy Scripture and stay in fellowship with God! The Holy Spirit will come to me to guide me into right decisions and right hope!

I’m afraid today much of the worlds hope is in a reviving of the economy, sports, entertainment, and the luxuries of life. These things are not what the Holy Spirit is trying to guide us to! Jesus said the Holy Spirit will not even speak of Himself, much less would He speak of the world, but He will only speak of the Fathers great will. The Holy Spirit will guide us to the truth. We’ve all heard that phrase in the Bible, “What is truth?” I heard a wonderful explanation of truth; it is “that which stands up to a lie.” So we must be careful today what we lean on for support. If we lean on the things of this world it is like in the Old Testament when Israel was once told, “If you lean on Egypt you are leaning on a walking cane that has been sharpened to a point, it will pierce you through.” Today, the Holy Spirit is saying to us, lean on God, His promises, His Word, His peace, His comfort, and His strong arm to bring us through!

To be continued...

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