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The Mission. June 22

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

Mark 16:15

While we continue to try and grow into the complete person God wants us to be. What we call becoming more and more like Christ. Laying aside those things that hinder our relationship with God and pursuing the things that draw us nearer. Let’s not forget the mission or commission we have been given by the lord Himself. Which is to go and tell every person about the good news of life and hope in Jesus. Let’s not forget in these days there are people around us who do not have the hope we have. As we come into contact with them let’s share the reason for our hope. Many put up a tough facade but the truth is man needs hope and peace and only God can give the true Hope. Let’s continue to give to missionaries and mission endeavors, thus fulfilling the great commission we have been given. When Jesus sent the 12 apostles on there first preaching mission the Bible said he then went to their cities to preach. So as we fulfill our commission, we have hope he will be helping those close to us find salvation. It is not mission impossible because the Holy Spirit is still at work in our world drawing and leading Men, Women, boys and girls to him. So let’s be ready each day to tell the gospel to those around us. And we never know just who’s heart he may open.

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