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The little things. July 3

And when Jesus was come into Peters house, he saw his wife’s mother laid, and sick with a fever. And he touched her hand and the fever left her: and she arose, and ministered unto them. Mathew 8: 14-15

In Mathew chapter 8 Jesus had been on a roll, he had recently healed a leper, even touching him. He had encountered a Roman centurion with a sick servant, by the end of the story everyone knew Jesus didn’t even have to be in the same vicinity to perform miracles, all he had to do was speak the word and when he did time and distance meant nothing . All these events was showing his power over all things. But then things get personal, he enters Peters house probably for a moments break or a meal. He sees Peters mother in law, not serving as usual. Oh she’s not feeling well today they said. She has a fever. This is inside with his close friends. He has nothing to prove to the crowds or teach his disciples. But because he is an everyday God. He walks over touches her hand and praise God!!! The fever left her. God cares about our everyday lives. The joys and sorrows. Invite him in to your life everyday. He wants to be there for the big and small events. Peters mother in law had such a better day with Jesus around and so will you and I. And of course this seemingly small interest Jesus showed to this woman ended up being rather big. Here we are learning from it over 2000 years later. The little things are what makes our lives. Then she arose and took care of everyone. This is what we should do with our everyday blessings also. Let’s be thankful to God for being with us all each day and for those around us . Also using are blessings to serve our master.

Thank you lord for everyday life !!!

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