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The hand of the lord. May 7

And all they that heard them laid them up in their hearts, saying, What manner of child shall this be! And the hand of the lord was with him.

As you read thru the book of Luke, you see how this gospel plan was directed by God from the very beginning. You can see Gods hand guiding, directing, helping and preserving the people involved. Even to the very places these things were supposed to happen. The hand of the lord was with John the Baptist from infancy to childhood thru teen and into his adult life. ( can’t you see the same for you, I sure can for me ). The same for Jesus, bible says Gods favor was upon him thru infancy, childhood, on into his showing to Israel. If God guided their affairs so close in the beginning, don’t you think he is guiding affairs closely here near the end. This should bring comfort to us. All we need to do is believe, trust the lord Jesus let him guide us thru his word and the Holy Spirit. And if we make a mistake, miss a step as they did even in Bible times. He remembers we’re made from the dust of the ground and need his help. We are certainly not the one leading the way, it is him. As we ask for forgiveness and mercy he comes and guides us through just as he did in those early days of this gospel we live in. Even today we are still guided by the hand of God. God even took a tax plan devised by Caesar Augustus and used it to get Mary, Joseph and the unborn baby to Bethlehem, right where they needed to be. If God guided so carefully in the beginning what makes us think he’s not guiding so carefully here near the end, he certainly is. Take some time today to ask him to involve you in this grand plan. And certainly Lord don’t forget us today. And he most assuredly will not.

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