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The End of the Law. August 26

For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth. Romans 10:4

One translation says that Christ is the culmination of the law, so that there can be righteousness for everyone who believes. The reason for the Old Testament law, was so the people could be right with God. As they followed the law and it’s commands, fulfilled the sacrifices they were told to do, they were working to be righteous before God. It was a very difficult thing to keep all the Law. Thank God, today we live in the New Testament. How are we right before God? We don’t even know all the laws to keep. Our verse sums It up. Christ Jesus is the end or culmination of all the law. So we are made righteous by simply believing, trusting in Jesus Christ. Our walk of faith can get real frustrating if we’re going about trying to fulfill all the requirements of God. Remember the one requirement is for us to believe in who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for us. Then are desire becomes to please the Lord and He helps us to do this each day by the Holy Spirit who now lives within the believers. Instead of trying to walk so carefully as not to make one mistake, we’re better off to follow the leading of the Spirit of God in our lives. He will certainly let us know if we’re wrong and lead us to forgiveness and correction , thru His word and by His Spirit. Today our righteousness is fulfilled in Christ Jesus. Praise and thanks be unto Him.

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