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The blood covenant- Pt-3 April 6

This covenant put it to place by Gods love for man and the faithfulness of Jesus ,even thru suffering . Let’s praise God for a moment!! We are simply to believe and receive it. No blood shed on our part. Isn’t God good. We are planning on each One taking communion in our homes on Easter. We wish to be together but also how precious to do this in our homes, with your family. Just this past week as we delivered some food to an older man in the community. He said I’m glad your here pastor I wonder if you could answer me a question. What does it mean in the Bible where it says we must drink his blood and eat his flesh? We talked awhile he said then it means I must believe in the crucifixion.

That was a good way of putting it. We do believe and so taking communion is a way of honoring, partaking of and remembering what our lord has done for us. So this week remember our Father and his son have made a blood covenant with man and all who receive, believe and follow are in A saving relationship with God that will not change.

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