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The blood covenant - Part 2 April 4

Now even in these pagan societies early missionaries report, they never knew the blood covenant to be broken. Dr Livingstone himself bore witness also saying he never knew the blood covenant to be broken. A wonderful example of this is from Henry Stanley the explorer who was famous for saying “doctor Livingstone I presume” after he had searched for Livingstone on the African continent. Tells a story of one particularly hostile tribe. Stanley and his men had to keep constant guard over there supplies or else this tribe would steal it. After a period of negotiations a blood covenant was established. From that point on he said we could leave our supplies open and unguarded along the paths and nothing would be bothered. For to break the covenant would have meant certain death for the offender.

Now let’s make something out of this.

And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them saying, Drink ye all of it; For this is my blood of the New Testament, which is shed for the remission of sins. Mathew 26:27

Jesus is often called son of God and he is often called son of man in the Bible. In Christ God and man have come together (this by Gods doing). Acts 20:28 says the blood was Gods own blood. John 6:53 says the blood was the son of mans blood (were just about to catch something here). So in some great, marvelous, higher than any covenant we could conceive. Gods blood was in this cup and mans blood was in this cup,

a covenant was put in place, thru the sacrifice of our lord Jesus . He handed the disciples this cup and said drink ye all of it. Oh I wouldn’t take a blood covenant with an earthly man but I sure do take a blood covenant with our Lord Jesus Christ. to be continued....

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