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The Blood Covenant - Part. 1 - April 3 2020

“But this man, after He had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God.”

Hebrews 10:12

My heart, perhaps because we’re drawing near to Easter which reminds us of the Body and the Blood of Jesus, has been upon our covenant with God. Now we know we are in a blood covenant with God. Some of our old favorite missionaries, like David Livingston, who pushed into unknown parts of Africa risking his life in the mid 1800’s with amazing stories who now holds a sort of heroic status, “Dr Livingston I presume!” Did you know that while in Africa, He and other pioneer missionaries made blood covenants with many of the African tribes? I’m not advocating these, just stating a fact! Some missionaries did this, what they called, “cutting the covenant “, over 50 times! Now this may sound a little gruesome or gross to us, but let me describe what this entailed: Two men who wished to establish a covenant between one another, often leaders of tribes or groups, would come together with friends and a priest. First they would exchange gifts.. by this exchange of gifts they indicated that all that the one has is the others if it becomes necessary. After the exchange of gifts, they would bring a cup of wine.. the priest makes an incision in the arm of one man and the blood drips into the wine. An incision is then made in the other mans arm, and his blood drips into the same cup. Then the wine is stirred, and the bloods are mixed. The cup is handed to one man and he drinks part of it, then the cup is handed to the other man and he drinks the rest!

By this a blood covenant is made. Once again, I’m not advocating this, as a matter of fact, it sounds quite pagan! But it is probably an indicator that from time immemorial God established a blood covenant! And of course the devil will try to distort or counterfeit the things of God.

To be continued...

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