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Sunday School lesson July 5

Title of today’s lesson is “The Bible speaks to society”.

Read Deuteronomy chapter 5 & Romans chapters 1 and 3.

Some quotes taken from our lesson.

(1) Romans 1 and 3, together with Deuteronomy 5, provide information as to how scripture speaks to the world around us. Deuteronomy provides the basis for our spiritual need. God has commanded us to live in a particular way. While Romans presents both the consequences and the remedy for breaking those commands.

Every human being needs redemption. As the lesson proceeds, students will find opportunity to think about how sin has impacted people, how people are able to perceive their spiritual need, and how they can provide true hope to the lost.

(2) Note that society today often rejects the righteous commands of scripture as outdated. Yet the biblical command to holiness is consistent. For example, when Jesus addressed adultery and murder, He did not nullify Old Testament commands but expanded upon them. Gods commands are as relevant today as they were in ancient times.

(3) Every society is governed by rules put in place to keep the society running smoothly. The leaders of society usually determine these rules in light of what they feel is best for that nation. Deuteronomy 5:6-22 presents a second telling of the Ten Commandments. These righteous commands would maintain order in the nation and also enable Gods people to maintain right relationship with him. Although we do not live in a theocratic nation like Israel. Gods commands are relevant to us in our walk with him And can speak to our society.

(4) The striking relevance of these commands is unmistakable. In following them, we can enjoy the joy and peace of walking in right relationship with God. Our lives will be seasoned by attitudes, speech, and actions that honor him, glorify his name, and testify of him to the lost.

(5) The commands Moses received on mount Sinai remain relevant today because they deal with moral choices people make in a daily basis. Moral choices that often hold life altering consequences. Even as culture changes at an increasing pace, our moral nature remains unchanged. Society needs boundaries to function in a healthy manner. We, as Christians, can bear witness to the reality that these commands come from a loving and just God who desires to dwell in relationship with the humanity he has created.

(6) When Adam and Eve sinned, their sin affected the entire human race. Ever since, people have been capable of indescribable evil. We need boundaries and consequences, as most societies recognize. Yet we, as Christians, proclaim the good news that we have a creator who can save us from sin. We can also live in a way that helps others and honors God as the giver of eternal life.

(7) Romans 1:28 marks the tragic bottom in the spiral of sin . As people continue to reject the Lord, He allows them to follow the desires of their corrupt, depraved minds to their horrible conclusion.

(8) After a shocking look at the consequence of sin. Paul offered good news for all who will hear. Although we have a sin problem, and it ultimately leads to judgement, there is hope. God sent Jesus Christ to be the sacrifice for our sins so that we can find forgiveness.

(9) Our world is desperate for peace. This is true with regard to nations warring against each other. It is also true culturally, as people clash over differences in class, economic status, political beliefs and other factors.

Yet many in our world are also looking for inner peace, spiritual peace. By Gods grace, the answers they need are found in scripture. May we as Gods people prepare ourselves by prayer and study and the work of the Holy Spirit to share Christ with the desperate, the needy and the seeking all around us.

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