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Sunday School lesson. August 30

Title of this weeks lesson is : The new Jerusalem. The saints will live and reign with Jesus Christ for eternity.

Revelation 21-22

Some quotes from this weeks lesson:

(1) This lesson closes the unit by exploring the glorious culmination of the story of the Bible. Johns visions come to a dramatic conclusion as all the ancient prophesies are fulfilled. We see the final judgements upon the wicked and the everlasting rewards given to the righteous. In this lesson, we will examine Johns vision of the coming of the new Jerusalem and the wonders of the new creation. As we study what heaven and earth look like when all sin is passed away, we can be filled with hope and joy concerning what awaits us. Likewise, we can also be encouraged to share the good news that this troubled world will be made new.

(2) Key Verse: I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. Revelation 21:2

(3) Earlier in Johns vision, heaven and earth fled before the face of God, who came to execute judgement. (Revelation 20:11). In their place will come a new heaven and a new earth. (21:1). While we cannot understand specifically how this will happen, the point to be recognized is that the old order and nature of things passes away, to be replaced by the new.

(4) The result is perhaps one of scriptures most tender lines: “ God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes”(Revelation 21:4). The tears are wiped away because all the things that caused sorrow in the old order also pass away.

(5) The New heaven and earth isn’t just about golden streets, bejeweled foundations and gates of pearl. It’s about God becoming closer to his people. When we read these scriptures carefully, everything points to the expansive generosity with which God invites us to abide in his glory and drink of his water of life.

(6) The need for light in this wondrous place is eliminated by the glory of God, with Christ as the center. Isaiah describes this glorious time when the sun will never set again. The elimination of day and night cycles reveals how differently this new life will be, as well as the extreme difference Gods nearness makes.

(7) It is interesting to note that the Biblical story ends where it began: in a garden paradise. What was lost in eden is restored. In the new Jerusalem is a garden, in which the throne of God and of the lamb is found. From the throne flows the water of life, which scripture links with the Holy Spirit. Healing for the nations radiates from the presence of the triune God.

(8) We are also exhorted to wash our robes. The original Greek of this phrase indicates that this is an on going action and reminds us that we face a daily battle with sin. The cleansing comes through the blood of Jesus and is a testimony of His work in our lives.

(9) In the closing verses of Revelation, Jesus emphasizes that he has been the source of this message. We must not take the message lightly, since it is from one with great authority. Jesus identities himself as the bright and morning star. Earlier, He promised that the Thyatirans would receive the morning star. Just as a new day begins in the morning, Christ has the power to make everything new.

(10) Hebrews 11:8-10 tells us that Abraham sought a city built by God. His faithfulness to God brought him the title “father of faith”. In a sense we follow Abrahams example and walk in his foot steps as we look for the coming of the new Jerusalem.

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