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Sunday June 28 SS Lesson - Daniel 8

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

I was looking back through the blogs at some of the first we wrote. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 3 months since the corona virus situation really started here. As I read those first few Sunday school lessons during that time. I thought these are still what we need Today. So reread March 29 and find encouragement for these days.

Once again it is very interesting how our Adult Sunday School books have been speaking so close to our current situation, even though they were written long before these current events we see now! Some have asked for us to mail them a Sunday School book so they can read the lessons too, which we have done, and we still have books available if anyone else would like one, just let us know!

We will now just take a few quotes directly from the lesson for March 29th. 1. Help students keep in mind how this vision was given to Daniel to encourage the Jewish people to remain true to God and to strengthen their faith as they lived through the events described.

2. Lead students in responding to this lesson by worshipping the Lord, for He has perfect knowledge of future events. Then challenge them to live out their faith in today’s uncertain times by standing strong in their faith and humbly acknowledging that God is directing their paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

3. God has perfect knowledge of future events and Christians don’t need to struggle to accept this truth. They have experienced Gods power and therefore accept His omniscience (all-knowing) and omnipotence (all-powerful). This study affirms that God is worthy of worship because of Who He is.

4. As is often the case, success led to pride, which made this empire vulnerable to a fall.

5. What happened to the Jewish people was partially the result of some of them turning from Gods ways to the ways of the pagan world around them. As such, it serves as a warning to Christians still today. 6. When studying Daniel 8, it is important to keep in mind that these facts were prophesied by Daniel centuries before they came to pass. Thus, they can bolster your faith. As you look at the events in the world, rather than becoming worried or discouraged, keep in focus the fact that God knows all that is happening, and He will take care of you just as He cared for His faithful people in the decades and centuries before Christ came to earth. 7. God has perfect knowledge of future events, and He works through the course of this world to bring about His plan.

8. Rely on Gods grace to live godly, as you await the return of Jesus. Ask Him to give you strength to live for Him in a spiritually hostile world. 9. Challenge students to prepare an answer to the question, (“What’s this world coming to?”) Pray that God will help them bring godly hope to those around them who are trapped in fear over the current state of our world. I believe it is very evident that the Lord is speaking to us through these lessons!

God bless! Have a wonderful Lords Day!

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