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Sun 03/22 Who/What Acts 9:5-6

Here Paul had just been going head first into persecuting Christians. A matter of fact he was on his way to arrest, harass and suddenly, Boom!; a light from Heaven shown about him.

Oh how God is able to step into our lives,just look today, how different today is than most Sunday’s.

Look how different our world is than a couple of weeks ago. I read the other day there is the kind of lightning, like on a summers evening that kind of lights up the high sky. This lightning doesn’t strike anything the author likened it to the general call of God to mankind. Then there is the forked, strait to the ground lightning that’s going to strike something, Gods personal dealing with a man or woman. I’m glad he came to my life. I believe he’s telling each of us thru recent events pay attention.

Paul’s response who are you . Well I’m Jesus whom you have been persecuting. Wow! I’m glad we know who he is, but would you for a moment stop in your tracks,as Paul, and think on him, from the angel telling Mary and Joseph of his birth all the way thru his life until he was taken up into Heaven, recollect as many events as you can. Oh what a savior! Paul’s like ok I got it. Now what would you have me do? What would he have us to do? Certainly, receive him into our lives, love him with all we have,learn of him, serve him, trust him and endure whatever we must to stay with him and keep believing. Jesus once told the disciples,(by the way to be a disciple means to come under his discipline) in Luke 22 you are they who have continued with me in my temptations. I appoint you a kingdom. May we continue with him a kingdom awaits for us who endure.

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