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Strong in Spirit pt2. May 9

For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord both of the dead and the living. Romans 14:9

In our quest to grow strong in spirit, there are many helps. Such as, obedience; knowing we are doing the will of God is like having secret vitamins towards spiritual strength. Once the disciples were trying to make sure, Jesus had bread to eat. He replied, I’ve already had plenty, they were pretty sure he hadn’t ate yet, so they continued asking. Finally he gave up his secret saying; my bread is to do the will of the Father. As Jesus, we also will find strength to continue and even to grow by doing the will of God. Now of course this doesn’t mean we won’t go through test and trials and sometimes grow weary in them. Fighting the good fight is after all a fight. Paul said at times he was pressed beyond measure, despaired of anything he could do himself, so that he would learn to rely upon God. Don’t we find ourselves here at times. Thank God Jesus said are you thirsty? Need some refreshing? Just come to me and drink and you will have living water springing up from within you . He was speaking of the Holy Spirits refreshing power within us. Samson after having slain a thousand Phillistines, says I die of thirst. God miraculously causes water to spring up in that desert place as Samson called for his help and so will he refresh you and I when we’re weary. So what should I do to find strength in these days . Same as he said all those years ago. Simply come to him and drink. Be strengthened and grow strong!!

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