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SS lesson - May 10

Some quotes from the ss lesson entitled: Children of promise. Christ frees believers from sin and enables them to receive his promises.

Galatians 3:26-28 and 4:6-31.

(1) Coming from a life of paganism, the Galatian Christians had heard the gospel from the apostle Paul and been converted, transformed in a powerful way. Now, Paul was distressed to learn that their spiritual journey had drifted into legalism, as they worked to observe the Mosiac Law according to the teaching of the judaizers.

In response, Paul would reason with them from the experiences of Abraham and his sons to illustrate that legalism was spiritual bondage that could be overcome only by returning to faith as the basis for ones relationship with God. Christians today are not immune to the pressures of legalism and must be encouraged not to fall into the error of self reliance in their walk with God.

(2) Paul was called by God to bring the gospel to the gentiles, that is, non Jews. He did this both through his preaching and through his writings. Paul repeatedly reminds his gentile Christian readers that they were full participants in Gods plan of salvation, along with Jews who had accepted Christ. Pauls teaching on the inclusion

Of Gentiles in Gods plan appears repeatedly in his writings ( see romans 10:12-13;Ephesians 2:13).

(3) God gave the law to instruct his people regarding sin, and to reveal their need for a savior (verse23). The law was never meant to serve as a means of salvation. Rather, the law was our guardian until Christ came that we might be justified by faith.

(4) God has taken his people from spiritual slavery to spiritual sonship. The law had served as a guardian and tutor during their “ childhood”

to lead them to Jesus Christ. Now, all who have received Christ are Gods children, and have the Holy Spirit to help them live as sons and daughters of God. Such a life is lived in step with the Holy Spirit, reading the word he has inspired, and building faith thru prayer. ( Jude 1:20 ).

(5) Paul said the Galatians were known by God. God knows the condition of each persons heart. He knows if a man or woman is trusting his grace, or relying on their own works to be made right with him. He also sees a believers subtle drift from trusting Christ for salvation by faith. Ask the lord to help you recognize and overcome any hint of self reliance in your Christian walk.

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