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SS Lesson March 22nd

Daniel 7:1-8

Matthew 24:1-14

"Daniel spoke and said, I saw in my vision by night, and behold, the four winds strove upon the great sea."

Daniel 7:2

Our blog today will be inserts from the Adult Sunday School book lesson for March 22nd. To me it seems as if these lessons out of Daniel were prepared last week during the events we have witnessed. The truth is these lessons were prepared a long time ago, printed, and sent to us. How could they contain such wording of recent events? Of course through the power of the Holy Spirit. This should cause our ears to open wide to these few inserts that I take directly from the lesson.

#1 - Verse 2 begins with a description of four winds (seen as being from four opposing directions). The four winds represent spiritual forces at work in heavenly places affecting godless nations and human events. The four beasts Daniel saw arising from the sea were 4 earthly kingdoms of world history. The chaotic, ominous scene describes in Daniel 7:1-6 might cause some to think of our tumultuous world today. Many live in fear when they see constant economical and political changes in the world. Some seek spiritual guidance from a variety of sources, trying to discover what will happen next and to understand the connection between the natural and the spiritual world. But we need not be alarmed. As the book of Daniel teaches us God is in control.

#2 - Note that Scripture tells us to be watchful of the times and be prepared for Christ's return.

#3 - This beast changed before Daniel's eyes, growing another small horn (7:8) Many scholars see the little horn in this verse referring to the antichrist. The antichrist will arise in the future, during the great tribulation, and will be satans final attempt to rule humanity before Christs Millennial Reign.

#4 - While this lesson focuses on end time prophesies and Christs Millennial kingdom, it is ultimately a lesson about trust and hope in Him. To walk with Christ is to trust your life and well being to Him, no matter the circumstances around you. Examine your trust in the Lord, pray that God will help you live by faith instead of fear.

We do have extra Sunday School available if you would like to read the whole lessons. Let me or Dena know and we will get you one.

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