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SS Lesson - April 19

This lesson is the last on the prophecies of Daniel. What a timely study they have been, awakening us to the reality, God is in control of nations and the end will be as Daniel foresaw. Please read chapters 10-12 of Daniel.

We will take a few quotes from the lesson.

(A) Through faith in Christ, believers can stand courageously for him in perilous times.

(B) The fulfillment of these details, seen in historical events, should not be the focus of the lesson, however. Focus instead on how God fights on behalf of his people, and on the need for his people to be faithful.

(C) The final chapters of Daniel describe a final vision that revealed perilous times for Gods people. It would take courage for them to stand true for their faith in God. Their courage would be rewarded, for God keeps his promises, including the promise of everlasting life.

(D) Daniel needed to grasp how God was at work in world events so that he could encourage his people in the difficult days ahead.

(E) Christians can become discouraged as they observe the course of world events, if they lose sight of the truth that God is in control. Scripture contains many warnings about how perilous it will be in the last days. This is why believers are commanded to watch and pray, and find strength in the lord.

The struggle against spiritual forces is real -and the Lords help is real as well. Don’t forget that the one who is in you as a believer is greater than the one who is in the world.

(F) End-time events include resurrection. The righteous will be raised to experience everlasting life while the wicked will experience everlasting punishment (Daniel 12:2). The righteous who are part of the first resurrection are described as wise. Those who lead others to righteousness are said to shine as stars (verse 3).

(G) Gods word clearly describes the benefits- and consequences- of our choices. Wise living is righteous living. This means surrendering to God to become his child through faith in Christ, then obeying his commands.

Christians not only have the benefits of being children of God, they also have the responsibility to tell others about Christ. If you have accepted Christ, you in turn will also shine in the darkness.

(H) Daniel could not understand these things (Daniel 12:8). They would stay secret until the end times. Yet he was to stay faithful to the lord despite his inability to understand. He could trust God to fulfill what had been foretold. Gods purpose in all this was to bring many people to redemption (verses 9-10). Those who are wise will turn to God. Yet others will continue in their wicked ways, despite the horrific events of the end times.

(I) Following this vision, the book of Daniel closes on a positive note of encouragement for Daniel to remain faithful (verse13). Though he would die before his visions would come to pass, he could trust in Gods promises of resurrection and everlasting life.

(J) God gave Daniel visions to provide insight into how he works in history to complete his plan of redemption. These prophesies remind us that the last days will be perilous times. The spirit of antichrist is already at work in this world (1 John 4:3). Rather than cower in fear or compromise our beliefs, we can stand courageously for him. By his grace we can live godly in an ungodly world. By his power we can proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth as we look for Christs return.

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