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SS lesson. April 12

Some quotes from our Sunday school lesson. We still have books available we can mail to you if you would like.

(1) The resurrection of Jesus Christ is foundational to our faith as Christians. It gives us confidence that we, too, may have eternal life by believing in him.

(2) On arriving at the tomb, Mary and her companions discovered that the stone had been rolled way from the entrance(John 20:1). Later it was made clear that Jesus was no longer limited by physical barriers; neither a door nor a stone could stand in his way. However, one of Gods priorities was to provide ample proof that Jesus had indeed risen from the dead (acts1:3). Allowing Jesus followers access to his empty tomb would be one of many ways God would show them the reality of the resurrection. They needed to see the empty tomb to help them believe he was alive.

(3) The evidences of Jesus resurrection are many, and unmistakable. Although nearly 2000 years have passed since this miracle, it continues to hold the central place in our faith. Christians do well to study not only the Old Testament prophecies of Jesus resurrection but also the testimonies in the Gospels of those who encountered him afterwards. They must also meditate on the importance of this event taught in scripture, including 1 Corinthians 15.

(4) Mary was in despair. Not only had she witnessed her lord being crucified, but now his body was missing from the tomb! If indeed he was dead, and his body stolen, Mary had every reason to continue in grief . But in a moments time, her grief was swept away by the joy of seeing the resurrected Christ.

As believers in Christ, we should focus upon the glorious fact of his resurrection. When sharing our faith with unbelievers, we are telling the story not of a hero or philosopher who has been dead for centuries, but of the living son of God. He is ready to enter and to transform the lives of all who surrender to him.

(5) Mary had seen the risen lord, and Jesus sent her to tell the others; she must not cling to him at this time(John 20:17). There would be more opportunities to interact with him over the next forty days.

Jesus gave Mary the responsibility of telling his disciples, “I am ascending to my father and your father, to my God and your God”. The terminology he used reflects the relationship with God that Christ has made possible for us. John 1:12 states that Christ gives all who believe the right to become the children of God. This supernatural second birth is made possible only by Gods power. (John 1:13 see also 3:5-8). Mary would announce to the disciples the great news of his resurrection (John 20:18), which is at the foundation of our new birth.

(6) The return of Jesus to the father would begin a new phase in the disciples walk with Christ. He would no longer be physically present with them, but he would send the Holy Spirit in his place (see John 14:18; 16:7). The Spirit would testify about Christ, remind his followers, both then and now, of his teachings, and convict nonbelievers of their guilt ( see John 14:26; 15:26; 16:8).

(7) Jesus has given everything we need for a healthy walk with him: forgiveness of sins, a new relationship with the Father, and the power of the Holy Spirit. He also gives us the responsibility to tell people everywhere that they, too, can become children of God by believing in him. Difficulties will arise as we fulfill this mission, but in the midst of every trial we can recall the promise of Christ to his disciples, “Peace be with you!” Jesus has the power to quiet every storm we face as we take his good news to the world.

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