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Sleep on. June 17

Then came he to his disciples, and saith unto them, Sleep on now, and take your rest: behold the hour is at hand..... Mathew 26:45

In the most pivotal time in all of history, Jesus was about to change the world as he would die for the sins of people. And purchase mankinds salvation. The three closest disciples of the lord were sleepy, having trouble staying awake. Now before we get too down on them. One place in scripture says they were sleeping because of sorrow. The lord had told them of his death that was coming and no doubt they sensed the tension in the air. So they decided we will just sort of check out and go to sleep. (Hoping maybe this is just a bad dream). Even after Jesus two attempts to Arouse them to spiritual fervency and watchfulness. Oh these days we live in, right now. We need to be spiritually diligent and close to our Lord. Just as in the garden of gethsemane that evening, there is a stirring in our world. I believe the Holy Spirit of God is saying to his people, wake up , stay awake, be watchful at this time, be ready for the return of the Lord. If there has ever been a time to be in close fellowship with Jesus it is now. Of course the devil is going to fight this even harder the closer the time comes. So you dear brothers and sisters, do not be lured away by anything this world has to offer, whether good or bad. Stay awake, stay close to God. Sadly some in our world are are falling away just at the moment they should be awake. This doesn’t have to be us. Watch and pray not only for yourself but also for those around you. Jesus kind of sarcastically told Peter, James and John, sleep on now the time has come. Just think one day the battle will be over the fight of faithfulness will be Finished. We will be so glad we endured unto the end. There is an eternity coming where all is peace, joy and rest. But today is not that day , just yet. So you stay on your guard, awake in the things of God, at your post of duty, watching for the Lord. Wide awake!!!

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