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Rejoice in the Lord. July 7

Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice. Philippians 4:4

Sometimes we pray, seek God, search the scriptures diligently and faithfully and we labor for God. All these things are great for a Christian to do. But also don’t forget to rejoice in God. Sometimes we may forget this all important instruction, at least I know I have at times. To rejoice means, to feel, show, display great joy or delight in God. We don’t always do this, do we? Of course the reason may be that at times trials, problems, fears , disappointments occur. These things and others can cause clouds of discouragement to over shadow us. This is just when the instruction to rejoice should come into play in our lives. I know a preacher who says when the devil does something bad to me or those I love. I purposely go and find 10 people to witness to. That sounds like a good idea, so does rejoicing, even when things aren’t just perfect. Why? Because God is good to us, a matter of fact he is great, he always cares for us as a faithful Father. He loves us, has a plan for us and faithfully fulfills that plan day by day and he guides us along this journey of life. ( anybody else just feel like praising and rejoicing in him). Don’t just reserve your rejoicing for the good times but Paul said rejoice always, always find joy, delight and comfort in God, because he is coming thru for you. Then Paul said do it all over again. You know what you will find is that the clouds that have overshadowed you, give way to the light and joy of the sun or should we say Son. Lets praise him, REJOICE in him and then do it over again.

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