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Proceeding November 9

Known unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world. Acts 15:18

I read the other day, Gods plan has proceeded forward in the past. Although there were many obstacles, we can read of in the Bible. Some of those were caused by the enemies of God and some were caused by Gods people’s own failures. Nevertheless God worked His plan. All the way to the fulfillment of Christ into the world. Even Christ’s close followers stumbled at times. Jesus knew the 12 would desert him during his suffering but I’ve always been amazed that he told them you will forsake me during this hour of trouble but when it’s over I will meet you again on a mountain in Galilee. And sure enough that’s what he did and there commissioned them to take the gospel to all the world. So sure sometimes things dont go just according to our plans, sometimes we do stumble but if we will keep our hand in the hand of Jesus by faith He will work out His plan in us.

to be continued .....

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