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Power and Love. September 16

One thing God has spoken, Two things I have heard: power belongs to you, God, and with you, Lord, is unfailing love...... Psalm 62:11-12

Our God is amazing. All power is his, without limits. Yet at the same time he is very loving. To have power and love is a rare but wonderful combination. Often time powerful people lack love. Simply because they don’t need anyone and lack sympathy because they haven’t felt the need of some people. But not our God. He has even came to earth thru his son Jesus Christ. To know our feelings and struggles. What love!!! often times loving people don’t have much of the worlds power. It just doesn’t mean much to them. What means much to them is to help people in need and give of there own and even themselves to relieve the burdens of others. But our God is loving and also strong(able to help us). So today rejoice in his love, and remember all power is his. Power to save, forgive, restore, and help us in every situation. Also remember He has power to judge sin and evil. Gods love is not a license to do whatever we please. But a powerful help to be who he wants us to be for the honor and glory of the all powerful, loving God.

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