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Patiently Waiting. December 24

To them who by patient continuance in well doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life: Romans 2:7

How long Israel had been waiting for their Messiah. Then suddenly the time was here that He was to be born. Prophecies had predicted The coming of Jesus Christ. Yet it had been a long wait. Perhaps you are waiting on God to move in your circumstances. His word has given you promises and His Holy Spirit has given you a lively hope that God will answer your prayers and meet your needs. Well don’t give up and don’t quit believing. After all those hundreds of years of promise it was finally the eve of Christs birth. Wow! Im not sure anyone knew what was about to happen that Holy night. But sure enough Christ was born and the world has never been the same. You and I are never the same after meeting Jesus. It is possible that we are near His second coming. When He returns for His saints. So keep living for Him, don’t turn away now. It could be the eve of His return or very near the time He answers that special prayer, need or desire you have. Only God knows His time table, to the rest of us He says, wait patiently. For the time will surely come. Even if we must wait Long.

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