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Patient endurance. May 19

But there shall not an hair of your head perish. In your patience possess ye your souls.

Luke 21:18-19

Jesus had just told his followers, they would be persecuted, betrayed, falsely accused and that troubles and pestilence would come their way. Even some of them would be killed. Certainly some difficult words from Jesus. Then he says , but not an hair of your head will perish. What he was saying was , nothing that really has to do with your eternal well being will harm you. All these earthly things that can happen, will in no way diminish your eternal life. If you will keep enduring in the faith, continuing to have a patient endurance. If good comes are way, and it does at times, keep walking in the faith of Jesus. If bad comes and it will at times, keep walking in the faith of Christ. For in our endurance we possess our souls, or we win eternal life with God. So brothers and sisters we pray for good to come our way but whatever may come, keep the faith of Christ in your heart and follow on to know the lord and fulfill his will for your life and by doing we save our souls.

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