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Patience. November 3

Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord . Psalm 27:14

Patience is a big part of being a Christian. Of course it means we don’t get everything we want, just the way we want, at the time we want it. Romans chapter 5 teaches that trials work patience in our lives and patience works experience (character) and experience works hope. Patience is one of the building blocks that God uses to build a solid Christian. Sometimes the best thing we can do is let patience do it’s work in our lives. For most of us this isn’t easy we want to fix it all right now. We want our answers tonite. Gods answer is : trust me, draw near to me, follow after me and I’ll be with you and not only will I bring my answers in my way and time. I will also build you into the men and women I need you to be. I read : We should wait at his door with prayer, wait at his feet with humility, wait at his table with service and wait at his window with expectancy. To wait doesn’t mean we give up on Gods help, it just means, I don’t Have my answer yet but it’s coming because God hears me and loves me and I trust him.

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