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Our Daily Bread. July 18

Give us day by day our daily bread. Luke 11:3

We know to pray each day to our Heavenly Father for our daily bread ‘The things we need’.

I have been reading a book about Lilian trasher, who operated an orphanage in Assiout, Egypt for over 50 Years, beginning in the early 1900s. At times the orphanage, which still operates today, had over 1000 orphans. Listen to an excerpt from a letter she wrote on February 15, 1934.

Can you imagine what it means for me to have the responsibility of seeing that 2000 meals are provided daily as well as books, clothes and other needs for hundreds of children? This is a heavy job, even if one had all the money needed; it is impossible for us to have enough money for even one day in advance”. I know to you and I it is hard to believe that for many years this orphanage and the daily needs of the children came the very day it was needed. Story after story of how the day began with no food or no resource to get food, but it came one day at a time. Day by day, they were supplied. Sometimes from unlikely sources, but it always came. If God can take care of such a great number, don’t you believe he can supply your need. Our Father doesn’t want us worried or upset. He wants us to trust him day by day, for all we need. Be sure to praise and thank him as he helps us and tell somebody of how he has taken care of you. You can relax and enjoy serving him, as we trust him day by day, for our daily bread.

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