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Old Testament/New Testament

When God speaks of a new covenant, it means he has made the first one obsolete.....

Hebrews 8:13

How blessed we are to live in the new covenant. Gods covenant with mankind has had two major ages. Even the Bible is divided by these two distinct covenants. The Old Testament containing Genesis thru Malachi. And the New Testament containing Mathew thru Revelation. The Old Testament is characterized by law, rules, sacrifice of animals,Jews,Moses and is said to be written on tablets of stone. While the New testament is characterized by faith, grace, love, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, all peoples, and is said to be written on our hearts. Now Moses was a faithful servant of God in the Old Testament. But Jesus is the faithful Son, there is a big difference between a servant and a Son. In the Old Testament, Moses and the other faithful servants of God fulfilled the plan of God for there time. But it was all pointing to the New Testament plan of God, fulfilled by Jesus Christ. It has been said the Old Testament was like a thermometer it measured the people’s spiritual temperature but gave no inward fire to raise it. But the New Testament is like a thermostat it has the power to raise our spiritual temperature. The Old Testament was outward characterized by large armies, weapons of warfare, high walls protecting cities, buildings such as the temple. However the New Testament is inward: it’s whats happening in our hearts and our souls it is a work of Gods Holy Spirit on the inside. The Bible says the true kingdom of God is not seen by observation or what we can see with our eyes. It is inside us. When we repent of sin and ask for forgiveness,Jesus Christ comes inside us as our new king and brings his kingdom with him. Which is righteousness (a right standing with God), peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Thank God today, we not only live in the New Testament age, but that it also lives within us.

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