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Notwithstanding. June 15

Notwithstanding the Lord stood with me, and strengthened me..... 2 Timothy 4:17

Paul was explaining to Timothy about a man named Alexander, who had done him much harm, and how at one point all men had forsaken him. There may be difficult times in our lives and it sure is nice to have people around you to encourage and help you. Thank God I have always had this, but even if you are like Paul, and don’t have many you can count on or you feel you don’t have much to lean on, Notwithstanding: or in our language, nevertheless or despite this situation. Jesus will, just as he did Paul, stand with you!

Oh faithful believer, When there was not much hope to be found in Paul’s circumstances, the Lord himself stood by him. The Lords presence came near to him! Oh may it be so for us this day! May His Presence, which is still real and active in behalf of His people, stand with you today! And when He does, you will surely like Paul be strengthened. Just one word or touch from heaven can strengthen us for the day, for the situation and even for a lifetime. Paul was telling Timothy of what had happened much earlier in his life, but Paul had never forgotten that precious moment when the Lord stood by him, and neither will we forget when Gods presence helps us.

Scripture says draw near to Him and He will draw near to you . In Paul’s most stressing days, the Lord just simply came up near to him, He can do this, and may He do it for you today and every day.

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