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Not everyone loves a good mystery. May 25

The man answered and said unto them, why herein is a marvelous thing, that ye know not from whence he is, and yet he hath opened mine eyes. John 9:30

Some people seem to demand a religion with no mystery. Some feel, I can’t believe or trust in something or someone I don’t completely understand. The man in our verse who had been blind and was given his sight by Jesus, was now getting worked over by the enemies of the lord. He was being questioned, belittled and even threatened. They said to him, we don’t even know where this man who gave You your sight is from. The man who had been blind said oh this makes this even more marvelous even more mysterious because we don’t even know where he’s from. Instead of us looking at things we do not understand about God and there are some, like David said in the psalms his ways are to great for me to understand. But instead of letting this frustrate or worry us, how about we just marvel at the great mystery of God. And take joy and pleasure in trying to find him out. I am like the man who had been given his sight. He says in verse 25. I dont know some things about him but One thing I know, once I was blind, now I see.

I was once spiritually blind, steeped in sin and it’s consequences , oh but the savior passed by my soul and drew me unto him, offered his love and forgiveness. I accepted and mystery of mystery my sins were gone. There weight removed. Now I know to follow him because of the Spirit he placed within me that day. What a marvelous mystery. I hope he has done the same for you, if not, this man named Jesus stands ready to, if you’ll ask him.

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