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Mindful of us. February 15.

The Lord hath been mindful of us: he will bless us; he will bless the house of Israel; he will bless the house of Aaron. Psalm 115:12

As the children of God, even as amazing as it may seem, He has us on His mind. Hasn’t He proven this to be the truth. So many answers to prayer, some big, some little and some in between. Often times supplying, ahead of time, what we didn’t even know, we would need. Every day, giving us beyond our needs and filling us with joy and gladness. Many of the things God does for us are pre-programmed. Like food from the earth. Rain may come months in advance, preparing the ground for crops later in the seasons. With winter, spring, summer, fall all having their place. A place for who, sure it’s for the Lords pleasure but also for you and me. Think of our salvation, the Word of God says , Jesus was prepared from the foundation of the world. Then there are some things that God does at the moment. He’s looking upon the believer, watching and keeping up with us daily. Both our physical needs and even more important, our spiritual needs. Many times at just the right time God comes thru with a special blessing just for you. This is amazing, when you think of all God has to care for, that He is still mindful of me and you as individuals. So whether pre-programmed or right on the moment. The Lord almighty should have our thanks, praise, love, fellowship, obedience and devotion today for all He does for us and for who He is.

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