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Lose to Win. July 25

How we do not like that word. Lose!!! Many will go to almost any length to keep from it. And even if they do lose , they can’t admit it. But once again, Jesus teaches us a different way. Just listen to him: “the first will be last and the last will be first”, “humble yourself to be exalted”, “He who loses his life will find it”. And there are more. Mankind is always thinking gain,gain,gain.

God often has in mind less of ourselves and more of him. To really grow into the person God wants us to be and to be content as he would have us be, we must be willing to lose at times to gain with God. It is Gods way. You don’t have to be first to impress God, you don’t have to be the biggest or even the best. As a matter of fact you can finish last and be very pleasing in his sight. God doesn’t count like we do. May heaven help you and me, to not be so concerned about winning or who wins but be concerned, Lord are you pleased with me? If he is, what does it matter where man may rank you. I’m Glad Jesus not only taught this principle, but also lived by it. He never would have went to the cross if he was concerned about his status among men. It would have been to humiliating. Thank God his attention was on pleasing his heavenly Father. While he was on the cross he seemingly was finishing amongst the least and last. However has anyone looked to see where he is today, at the highest place in heaven beside the Father. That is both an example and a promise all rolled into one for us. Seek to fulfill Gods will for your life, no matter the position it puts you in. And God will have a place of honor for you where it really matters. Eternity!

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