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Lilian Thrasher. July 13

Lilian Thrasher is a famous missionary who started an orphanage in Egypt. From which came many Christians and laborers for the lord. Listen to what she said nearly 100 Years ago, about her life: My work reminds me of a fable of a little boy who was crossing the desert alone. He became very thirsty so he was obliged to dig in the ground with bleeding fingers until he came to water. He drank and went on his weary way. Each time he became thirsty he dug holes and his hands became more torn and bleeding. At last he reached the other side, exhausted and fainting, His clothes hanging as dust rags.

Some months later he looked across the desert and saw a happy little boy coming with his hands full of fresh flowers. The child was coming the very same way he had traveled. He looked at the strange sight in amazement. When the little boy arrived, he asked him how it could be that he had crossed the awful desert and looked so fresh and cool. The child answered, saying, oh the way is beautiful. There are many small wells out of which spring lovely, cool water, and around each of these wells there are flowers and shady bushes and soft green grass. I had no trouble at all in crossing. The first boy looked down at his own scarred fingers and knew that it was his suffering which had made the desert bloom and had made the way easy for other little boys to cross. But no one would ever know to thank him or to ask who had dug the wells, but he knew and was satisfied.

Im thankful that Jesus has went before us and made our way easier, and doable. We also should live the kind of life that would help others along the way too.

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