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Just one Word. August 15

......say unto my soul, I am thy salvation.

Psalm 35:3

Lots can be going on in us and around us. Many people’s can speak encouraging words to us . Oh thank God for the encouragers in our lives. Even with them there are times that we just can’t seem to find assurance. But brothers and sisters just one word from God and everything changes. David in the psalms often declared that God was his salvation. But in this case he asks God to speak to his soul with assurance of salvation. Many times in scripture the Lord appeared to people with a fear not or a promise that he was with them. May God thru his Holy Spirit, his word or in his special way say to your soul, I am your salvation. When he does oh the joy that floods our soul. Ask him today, say unto my soul I am thy salvation. Remember the wild man Jesus met, who had more problems than the whole town could solve. They had tried. As a matter of fact, scripture says he was possessed with a legion of devils. What a sad situation. You would think this man would need years of restoration. The Bible says Jesus spoke to the devils and with one word “GO” and they left. The man was restored to wholeness. Oh the power of our God. May he speak to you today, that which you need. He sure wants to, if we will seek him, he will speak to us. It may be thru the Bible, someone, a circumstance, the Holy Spirit or in his unique way to you. But know this when he does your soul will know, the Lord is my salvation.

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