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Jeremiah’s land deed! July 10

The word of the lord came to Jeremiah and told him to purchase a piece of land. It was odd instruction given to the prophet, because it was at a time Israel was being carried away into Babylon. Land in Israel was worth nothing or very little. They weren’t going to be inhabiting the land. Jeremiahs kinfolk probably thought he was not a very smart man for buying their land. But Gods word had come to Jeremiah and told him that they would come to him to sell the land and that he was to purchase it. Sure enough they came to him to sell the property and by this Jeremiah knew, God had spoken to him. So is God a terrible investor? Of course not because he sees all the future. What was going on was God was giving the people of Israel a promise. Listen to it in Jeremiah 32:15 For thus saith the lord of hosts, the God of Israel. Houses and fields and vineyards shall be possessed again in Israel.

Through the land purchase,God was giving them a promise,you will come back. Jeremiah was to bury the title deed in the ground, for it would be some years, about 70 as a matter of fact. Then the promise would be fulfilled. The lesson for us , God has given many promises to us in his word and by his spirit. Cling to them, don’t let go now. For surely what he has promised will certainly come to pass. So even in the midst of difficulties, delays and problems keep seeking , asking , knocking, in prayer for God to fulfill his divine plan in us.

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