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Is it I ? April 9

Then Judas which betrayed him, answered and said,master,is it I? He said unto him, thou hast said.

Ask judas or any follower of Christ. Would you ever betray or deny Jesus? Of course the answer is no I would never. Thank God for this declaration. But I once read a statement that is so true: The direction you walk will determine your destination. Judas was the treasurer of the group and had gotten accustomed to helping himself to the funds that wasn’t his. (Stealing).

We can say almost anything but it is the direction we walk, the decision we make, the company we keep and the things we look upon and do that determines our destination. So Judas sold Jesus for a little money. Imagine all Judas had seen Jesus do, all the miracles, all the personal interactions and all the teaching, Gone. Isn’t it good to look at our lives from time to time and ask is it I doing something unpleasing to God or not doing something I should. If so stop, ask forgiveness and go in a different direction with God. Let’s not let it be said : it is I .

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