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Hope Towards God

"And have hope toward God," Acts 24:15

We hear a lot about hope right now.. Such as, "I hope things get better", or, "I hope the virus doesn't hit our area very hard". Hope in our society has been diminished for most people to a sort of wishful thinking. This is not so for the Christian. For us, our hope does not arise from wishes, or shouldn't even come from our individual desires, but from God, a hope toward God!

Friend, this hope goes much further than the economy, science, medicine, or anything else in our world. It is a hope, a confident expectation, that God is with and in us and always working His will for me! A will that includes not just here, but as Paul goes on to explain, a hope for all eternity. A hope that there is prepared for me a place beyond our troubled world.

In Acts 27 Paul and 275 other men were in a ferocious storm at sea, driven in an old wooden ship for days, a hurricane force storm. Acts 27:20 says, "All hope that we should be saved was then taken away." Our world is in a storm, many are losing hope and confidence, but a Christian should not! Paul finds a place in the ship, gets alone and begins to pray for a long time. He got serious and, lo and behold, God sends an angel! The angel tells Paul, "Fear not, you will survive and God graciously gives you all those who are on this journey."

To make a long story short the ship is lost at sea, but everyone, all 276 of them, reach shore safely! Who is sure of what may become of our world in these coming days? Yet we always have hope, through our faith and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ, that we may also safely reach that golden shore!

God Bless!

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