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Heirs Together

.....heirs together Of the grace of life. 1 Peter 3:7

God has given us each other, family, brothers and sisters in Christ and friends. To partake of this life , which Peter calls , the grace of life. Meaning the divine influence of God has given life and those we experience it with. How precious is that? Sure makes us want to love each one and enjoy one another as we journey thru. If we truly think about the preciousness of the people in our lives it cause us to want to be a help and encouragement to each other. Even to the point that if I’m diminished and their multiplied I’m still happy for them and great-full for their and my place in this grace of life. Don’t forget we’re going to go thru this life once and what’s really important is to honor God for giving us life and to love those around us. Let’s each pray for one another and love one another and by doing we fulfill the law of God. Thank you God for life and those I get to journey with.

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