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He that sits upon the Throne. September 10

And he that shall swear by heaven, sweareth by the throne of God, and by Him that sitteth thereon. Mathew 23:22

Just what does it mean when scripture says God sits on a throne. It means he is a ruler, a matter of fact the greatest ruler. From his throne goes forth judgements, declarations, decisions, plans, purposes and much more. In one way this is great, for God has good plans. In another way this is frightening for he also judges evil and sin. When God makes a judgement, who can change it? So when we we think of his edicts going forth into the world we must stand in awe of his decisions. But do you know you and I have a part in his decisions. We sure do and it is through our prayers and petitions that rise to the very throne of God. I am certain that God takes into account our prayers in his determinations. Just think about Abraham and lot. Somehow Abrahams nephew lot had ended up living in sodom, a very wicked city , which God had determined to destroy. God allowed Abraham to know his intentions. I once read God almost always speaks about what he is going to do. To be continued......

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