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Good Friday. April 10

Today is a special day that we remember the crucifixion and death of our lord Jesus. When we look back upon these events, as they happened

in the scripture it seems anything but good And most certainly his close followers felt this way during the unfolding events. This seems to often be the way it is with the divine working of God. What often seems to be bad or looks like defeat, often is working for our good. Remember; Good Friday wasn’t called good until after resurrection Sunday. Oh what our lord suffered, but oh what victory it brought to man and oh how the Father put his stamp of approval on his work, even raising him from the dead. Alive forevermore, in the highest place of honor. If your in a time that seems difficult, remember this, when we cannot be sure of what God is doing, we can be sure of his wisdom and his mercy, to which we can cheerfully by faith be as Jesus and say: Thy will be done!!

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