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Faith vs Force - Part 2

Goliath had much support. The Philistines were evidently enthusiastically behind him. Yet David had few sympathizers among Israel until after he had conquered. Saul discouraged him from even trying, his brothers absolutely belittled him. It was as if David and God stood alone. Happy is the man/woman who is willing in a crisis of faith to stand with God!

(Excerpted from Heaven on Earth by A.C. Dixon)

Certainly we are in a crisis in our nation. Yet we still can have victory over the enemy of our soul by simple faith and trust in God!

By not looking so much for a solution to the nations crisis , but looking to Jesus for our personal strength. The One who started us in our salvation is the One who will help us finish our salvation and defeat all our foes! While many panicked, David did not. As a matter of fact he ran to meet the challenge of war! With faith in God David won a personal battle and in doing so helped his nation also.

Dena and I will be praying at home tonite at 7:00. We ask that you would also please pray at your homes or wherever you may be for Gods help, mercy, and ultimately His will to be done. Let's also pray for every person in our church and their families and those around us who do not know Christ. (Please text or email Dena and/or I to let us know that you are praying with us and to share any special requests you may have! This will build our faith and strength as we pray together!

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