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Deliver me. March 24

Deliver me from the sword, my precious life from the power of the dogs. Psalm 22:20

When you have time, read the entire 22nd Psalm. Tho written around 1000 years before Christ it details much of what Jesus would say and experience on the cross. At one point it says deliver my precious life from the power of dogs. Sometimes our enemies can seem like vicious dogs hounding us. This phrase may have been related to the Gentiles and Roman soldiers who crucified Jesus. An amazing fact is that when David wrote this psalm the Romans hadn’t even invented the crucifixion as a means of punishment. Yet the Holy Spirit had seen ahead and caused David to pen these words. Surely God also sees ahead for us in our trials too. They can at times seem fierce but I read the other day that God is “previous”. Meaning He has already been wherever we may go or whatever we may go thru, God has worked a way for His people. Don’t be too frightened by the enemies that hound you. Know this, the same God that brought Christ thru to victory, will also bring us through too.

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